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Stacie L Hepler

“I am a retired United States, Army Major. I had very little previous experience with SAP, we were introduced to it during my master’s in supply chain management course. SMLA’s SAP Veterans to Work program was a blessing to me! It gave me direction after 20 years in the Army. I heard about TCS through the SAP Veterans to Work program and they set the interview up for me. The SAP Veterans to Work Program provided me with tools and resources to start applying for civilian jobs with confidence. They provided guidance, mentorship, and direction. I am forever grateful for this program and how it has helped me start my civilian career.”

SAP Business Consultant, Tata Consulting Services (TCS)

William Dickinson

“I transitioned out of the United States Army as a Sergeant with no prior SAP experience. When I heard about SMLA’s SAP Veterans to Work educational opportunity, I felt it was out of my current experience. I did some research and found a franchise that has a known record of success and networked with prior owners to take ownership. SAP has assisted me in seeing how automation of business processes can save the company time, money, and labor that can be used elsewhere.”

Franchise Owner, Board and Brush, Louisville KY

William Dickinson

US Army 1SG/E-8, Retired

"My previous experience with SAP was limited to the systems I used in the Army.

While attending the SAP Veterans to Work program with SMLA, I was able to learn and gain my certification in SAP TS410 with my peers and learn key skills to apply during my transition from military to civilian life.

I learned more about the job opportunities with Deloitte from the LinkedIn jobs site. The SAP Veterans to Work program with SMLA refined my skills in resume preparation, marketing myself through LinkedIn, interview preparation, and job search techniques."

Solutions Analyst, Deloitte

Neville Oyango

“St. Michael’s Learning Academy (SMLA) was very instrumental to me as a transitioning Army Officer. I enrolled into the SAP ERP program whereby I learned a great deal about business in the corporate world and the automation of processes surrounding it... I was able to secure a role as a Risk & Compliance Manager (Information Security) with the company and within just one month I’m already traveling overseas doing BIG things for the organization and the clients that we support."


Kevin Wattawa

“Thanks to the certification and the contacts I made through the program, I was able to secure a job that allowed me to not just be able to afford food and rent but be able to save for retirement. This program was a major turn-around point in my life. For that I am grateful to the SAP Veteran to Work program.”

Accenture Federal

Andrew Womack

“The SAP certification was key in my marketability. Being a veteran with a certification is what made me a viable candidate for my current job. Indeed, SMLA gave me the tools to find not just a job but a career.”

Accenture Federal

Maria Kong

“The SAP certification program gave me the knowledge to set me apart from my peers as well as highlight the demand for my skill set.”

Westpoint Graduate

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