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What is SAP?

SAP is the most popular member of a family of software known as Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP). At their core, ERPs are complex integrated platforms that combine databases, business processes, business intelligence, user interaction and cross department communications into a concrete centralized system that allows real-time decision making, information gathering and process automation.

SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device — SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition.

Build a future in any industry by mastering the world’s most trusted ERP system.


Sessions are offered over the span of 12 weeks (Monday through Thursday), 4 1/2 hours per day or 10 weeks (Tuesday through Friday), 8 hours per day. Classes will be offered in at-a-distance through web seminars.


Spring II Online
April 9, 2024 - June 14, 2024

Evening Online
April 15, 2024 - July 5, 2024

Summer In Person Ft Bliss
July 9, 2024 – September 13, 2024

Summer Online
July 9, 2024 - September 13, 2024

Fall Online
September 24, 2024 - December 5, 2024

Summer In Person Ft Bliss
July 9, 2024 – September 13, 2024

Fall In Person Ft Bliss
September 24, 2024 – December 5, 2024

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Why Learn SAP?

ERPs are designed to act as the central nervous system for any company that chooses to implement them. As such, knowledge in their usage, support, and implementation are key to roles in every corporate functional area.

SAP is the most used and trusted ERP provider – it is estimated that 77 percent of all global transactions come into contact with SAP software.  This makes SAP related experience and certifications some of the most coveted and transferable qualifications.

Whether you are seeking to expand your role at your current workplace or are searching for a new career path, an SAP certification will be the catalyst that propels your career into new heights.

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According to the U.S. Department of Labor, average starting salaries in SAP/ERP related fields currently range between $54,000 and $142,000.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in SAP is projected to grow 8.8 percent from 2019 to 2028.

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The average increase in salary – be it from promotions or a new career – after earning an SAP certification is $14,175.20, allowing the average student to earn back their educational investment in as little as three months.

More Than 404,000 Companies Use SAP

A command of SAP opens the doors to employment opportunities across more than 25 unique industries, including energy, national resources, financial management, public sector, and retail.

Public Sector

City of Houston




United Nations


Under Armor














Hewlett Packard Enterprise 


Trend Micro




CPS Energy

TXU Energy

DTE Energy


Houston Metro

Southwest Airlines



US Dept of Transportation

Food Services






Oil and Gas




Baker Hughes









Walt Disney  


Houston Rockets 







Penn State U.

San Diego U.


MD Anderson

Texas Children

Johnson & Johnson



What Makes SMLA's SAP Program Different

SAP UNIVERSITY ALLIANCE MEMBER: Learn in a live and always-up-to-date sandbox environment sanctioned, architected, maintained, and supported directly by the SAP company. Have the assurance of learning on the newest and greatest iteration of the SAP system.


ASUG MEMBER: Gain access to a plethora of educational resources, mentorship prospects, and networking opportunities at any of the 38 chapters across North America. Join a community of experienced experts and have a chance of influencing the future development of the SAP environment.

GRADUATE LEVEL CURRICULUM: Our SAP curriculum was created by a consortium of higher-ed faculty members and ERP technical experts to ensure future graduates would have applied knowledge to immediately enter productive careers in SAP fields.

JOB-EQUIVALENT EXPERIENCE: Our courses are taught around real-life case studies developed by our corporate partners. Cumulative lab hours in our program are equivalent to two years of on-the-job experience.


PORTABLE ERP SKILLSETS: Our content is ERP agnostic, acquired knowledge is transferable to any other major software solutions such as Peoplesoft, Oracle, Workday, Sage, and Microsoft Dynamics. Our in-depth exploration of key technology concepts and functional business processes allow our graduates to easily integrate into any corporate environment, role, or function.

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Basic Training For Your Next Career

Get certified to plan, implement, develop, support and utilize enterprise resource planning systems.

SAP Program Options

Comprehensive SAP Certification

An all-inclusive SAP training designed for students with any level of experience on SAP. Students are taught a well-rounded, competency-based, hands-on curriculum designed to expose them to every essential SAP knowledge area, and its interlinked business process and functional department.

Program Details

220 hours (12 Weeks)

  • Students get 100 hours of hands-on lab experience on a live SAP system.
  • Students are exposed to every SAP user role, from end-user to system administrator.
  • Students go through the complete SAP life cycle – from configuration and data architecture to end-user GUI interaction and support.
  • Students learn SAP from a multi-functional and cross-departmental perspective.
  • Students become proficient in SAP professional language and application terminology.
  • Students learn to build an SAP-ready resume and prepare for interviews in SAP-centric positions.

This program includes the entire SAP TS410 Exam Prep Bootcamp as the capstone – last 2 weeks – curriculum.

SAP TS410 Exam Prep Bootcamp

An intensive high-level review of SAP TS410 examination concepts devised for experienced SAP users or students preparing for their certification exam. Participants are given an exhaustive refresher on key SAP functionalities and their integration into enterprise business processes.

Program Details

40 hours (2-4 Weeks)

  • An SAP designed test preparation curriculum.
  • Instructors rehash and review every SAP educational unit and then deliver expansive deconstructions of the rationale behind correct test answers.
  • Includes 1000+ real SAP examination questions and 80+ live exercises.
  • Our experts provide constant formative assessments to identify foundational weaknesses in the student’s knowledge and provide targeted on-the-spot review material and instruction.
  • Instructors demonstrate proven SAP test-taking strategies.
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SAP Curriculum Overview

ERP 101

Introduction to ERP Systems

Students will gain a deep understanding of the importance of ERP software and their role in the efficient and profitable day to day operations. The content is taught in the context of essential enterprise business departments such as accounting, project management, asset management, order fulfillment, procurement, warehouse management and human resources.

ERP 102
ERP 103
ERP 104
ERP 105

of program participants earn their TS-410 certification.


of our graduates get job offers by a major company during or after the course.


of our students are highly satisfied with the quality of our instructors.


of our customers refer our program to friends, family, and coworkers.

Why You Should Learn With SMLA

Learn in your own style with a tailored educational experience

Traditional Physical Classroom

Live Online Lectures

On-demand Class Recordings

One-to-one Sessions

Career & Job Assistance

Complimentary Retraining

Financial Assistance

Fatoumata C tstimonial image

Fatoumata Cisse

"The class was challenging but above all, I learned a lot about SAP S4 Hana and how it is a huge and growing topic with all the companies that have implemented the software. The teacher was very thorough and patient in explaining to all of the students with different MOS backgrounds.

With all this knowledge and the help from the teacher and the reps I can say that I have increased my knowledge about SAP S4 Hana and how it integrates with our every day."

Become SAP Certified.