A Decade Dedicated to Heroes: The Remarkable Journey of St. Michael’s Learning Academy’s Veterans to Work Program

In partnership with SAP, St. Michael's Learning Academy (SMLA) has established a formidable Veterans to Work program, a beacon of hope and opportunity for military veterans transitioning to civilian careers. This program, a synergy of dedication and innovation, stands out as a pivotal force in reshaping the futures of America's heroes.


A Commendable Initiative

Launched in 2013, the program caters primarily to military personnel, offering a pathway to assimilate into the civilian workforce with in-demand skills. It provides comprehensive SAP, Project Management, CompTIA, Microsoft, and Lean Six Sigma training. This diverse curriculum is tailored to the dynamic needs of the digital economy, ensuring veterans are equipped and at the forefront of technological proficiency.


The Power of Education and Training

The program's core is an intensive 10-12 week course meticulously designed to transform military expertise into highly sought-after skills in the digital world. Participants dive into 80 hours of specialized training in SAP's S/4 HANA, analytics, data management, along with 100 hours of hands-on lab experience on live SAP systems. This hands-on approach is crucial in transitioning from theoretical knowledge to practical application, preparing veterans for immediate employment.

SAP Veterans to Work

Celebrating Success

The program's effectiveness is underscored by its remarkable achievement: a 100% pass rate in the recent cohort. This stellar performance is not just a numerical triumph but a testament to the veterans' unwavering dedication and the program's robust support system. Moreover, this success translates into real-world outcomes, with many veterans receiving job offers that showcase the practicality and relevance of the skills imparted.

Beyond Training: A Holistic Approach

What sets SMLA's program apart is its holistic approach. It's not just about imparting skills; it's about reorienting the veterans' compass from military to civilian life. This transition is supported by partnerships with organizations like VetJobs and Revvy Pro, which provide extended networks of support and opportunities. These collaborations ensure that veterans are educated and seamlessly integrated into the workforce.

Nationwide Reach and Accessibility

The program's accessibility is enhanced through its presence in significant locations like Houston, Fort Cavazos, Detroit, Fort Bliss, and Joint Base San Antonio, with future expansions planned for online training. This geographical spread ensures that the program is within reach of many veterans, making it a nationally recognized initiative.

Embarking on a New Chapter

As we usher in the 11th year of our Veterans to Work program, its impact and importance only deepen. Each course, lesson, and certification at SMLA is more than an educational endeavor; it's a tribute to our veterans' valiant service. This program goes beyond mere career development — it's a life transformation journey, achieved one empowering class at a time. Here's to continuing this noble mission, enriching and reshaping the lives of our veterans with every step forward.

For more information or to register for services, please visit https://www.mysmla.com/who-we-train/government/veterans-to-work.